Teradyne Z18xx Series 

Models Supported:

Z1800—up to 640 test points

Z1820—up to 2048 test points

Z1860—up to 2048 test points, frame optimized for board handler

Z1880-1—up to 1024 test points

Z1880-2—up to 2048 test points

Z1890—up to 2048 test points

Z1888-1—up to 1024 test points, Prism Z

Z18880-2—up to 2048 test points, Prism Z

Configuration options:

Test Head Controller

Vector Processor


Delta Scan , Wave Scan

ATB-II, with EAA & HV Option

3 Volt Programmable Power Supply Option

32bit PCIO or 16bit PCIO

DFP Option

DR IID or DR II Driver Receiver Boards