Reconditioned Test Systems

Denver Test Systems configures In-Circuit Test Systems to meet or exceed OEM standards.  Each system is rebuilt based on configuration requirements received from the customer.  

Upon receipt of a customer PO, the reconditioning process begins:

  • Complete cleaning of the test system.  All major parts are removed.
  • The tester is color matched and painted.  Panels are screen printed or labeled to match OEM design.  For Z1800 testers, the countertop is replaced if needed.  
  • Parts are re-installed, the measurement system is tested and calibrated with instruments traceable to NIST standards.  Reconditioned systems are shipped with new gaskets and filters. 
  • Final burn-in.  Systems runs for 24 hours minimum to verify all parts function and system passes diagnostics. 


Benefits of purchasing a reconditioned test system from Denver Test Systems:

  • 50% average savings or more over buying new from the OEM.
  • Many viable testers have been discontinued from the OEM, and are available to second users to add the same platform to the test systems already on the manufacturing floor.
  • Reconditioned systems are guaranteed with warranty.
  • Service Contracts are available to maintain test systems from year to year at a reduced cost.
  • Denver Test Systems builds parts that are no longer available on the used market or from the OEM to provide sustainability to the test systems used by the manufacturing industry. 


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