These are most of the Part Numbers we can either supply or support.  Contact us for further information or quoting.

  Part #    Part Name
-    USB to PS2 Adapter
 gal 22v10d-15lpn    IC gal 22v10d-15lpn
0003770-0001    GR 2276 Computer Board
0154.5000DR    Fuse SMT 500ma 125v
0154003.DR    3A Omni Blok 154 fuse on SFTM
015401.5DR    Fuse SMT 1.5A 125v
0224.750HXP    "Fuse, Axial, .75A, 250V, Fast Acting"
0230003.MXP     "Fuse, 3A, 250V"
023-004-00    Operator Keypad TS
023-038-00    PS TS12x
023-080-00    SVFSelf Test Fixture LH
023453    Microprinter
025-025-00    Cable pwr cont to switch bd
0251005.MAT1L    Fuse 5A axial
026-001-00    Ultra 2 121
026-001-30    Ultra 2 124 Pin Card
026-101-90    Ultra 2 128 L
0273.250H    .25A micro fuse
0273.400H    .4A Fuse
0273.500H    125V .5A fuse
0273.500V    .5A Fuse
0273.750H    125V .70A fuse
0273001.H    1A micro fuse
0273002.H    125V 2A fuse
0273003.H    125V 3A fuse
0273005.H    5A Fuse
027301.5H    125V 1 1/2A fuse
03066-21208    Vacuum Port (Black Plastic)
03066-26531    ASRU B
03066-26701    Vacuum Seal Gasket Orange
03066-61633    Probe Guided cable to card
03066-62101    Probe (Guided) & Cable
03066-62104    Probe Guided V2
03066-62105    Probe Guided V3
03066-63600    Pull Down Tower (plastic case)
03066-63601    System Card Series I
03066-63602    System Card Clamshell Frame Assembly
03066-63603    System Card Series II/III
03066-66201    MPU Series I
03066-66204    MPU Series I
03066-66211    MPU Series I
03066-66500    Module Mother Card Series II/III
03066-66501    Module Mother Card Series I
03066-66510    Control Card
03066-66511    Control Plus
03066-66515    Control 6
03066-66520    SD12
03066-66521    SD12 Rev B
03066-66522    SD6
03066-66523    SD20
03066-66530    ASRU A
03066-66531    ASRU B
03066-66532    ASRU C
03066-66533    ASRU D
03066-66542    DD Analog
03066-66560    ChannelPlus
03066-66562    Channel Plus 20 MP
03066-66580    System Card Series I
03066-66581    System Card Series II/III
03066-67908    Air Cylinder
03066-67910    Air Valve Assembly (for Pull Down Tower)
03066-67911    Air Regulator
03066-69511    Control Plus Exc
03066-69523    Hybrid High Accuracy
03066-69532    ASRU C Exc
03066-69601    System Card Series I Exc
03066-69603    System Card Series II/III Exc
03105-0233    Emergency Switch Connector
03453-66501    3060 (Unknown)
03496-66511    3060 System Card
03496-66522    3060 System Control Card
03496-69503    3060 Digital Cards
03946-66552    3060 Analog Card
0400-6180    Ethernet Box
040-850-00    Relay 1A 5VDC 500 0
041-737    ATB II HV Daughter Board
041-737-DTS    ATB II HV Daughter Board
041-802-00    Seal Interface Platen
043-016    ATB I
043-084    ATB I HV Daughter Board
043-110    Diagnostic Test Block
043-169    Shorting Plate 640 Point
043-179    Diagnostic Test Block
045-003    DR IIP
045-004    Operator Control Panel Z1820
045-005    DUT P/S Tray
045-013    TER Coto Relay
045-026-00    Test Head Controller
045-028    DR I
045-030    PCIO 8 Bit
045-033    PS Indicator Board
045-035    RAB I
045-038    Operator Control Panel Assembly
045-043    D/R Extender Board
045-047    Adjustable P/S Controller
045-047-01    Adjustable P/S Controller
045-047-02    Adjustable P/S Controller
0451.500NRL    Fuse SMT 0.5A 125v
0451002.MRL    Fuse SMT 2A 125v
0451003.MRL    Fuse SMT 3A 125v
0451005.MRL    Fuse SMT 5A 125v
045101.50MRL    Fuse SMT 1.5A 125v
0451010.MRL    Fuse SMT 10A 125v
045-147    ATB Extender Board
045-190    ATB II HV Option Assembly
045-203    Vector Processor
045-254    Diagnostic Test Block
045-296    ATB II EAA Daughter Board
045-306    Shorting Plate 1024 Point
045-392    Z1860 DUT P/S Tray
045-399-00    RAB II
045-399-01    RAB II
045-454    PCIO 16 Bit
045-477-00    PCIO Cable w/SCSI & 50 Pin De-connector
045-497-02    Maintenance Kit
045-556    ATB I
046-011    AC Power Control
046-072-00    Foot Pedal TER Z18xx
046-092-00    "Cable, Prog PS Controller"
046-111-00    Fan Assembly
046-153    DR II
046-160    ATB II
046-160-01    ATB II
046-172    ATB II
046-172-01    ATB II
046-213    ATB II
046-213-03    ATB II
046-215    ATB I HV Daughter Board
046-216-00    ATB II HV P/S +/- 60V (Acopian)
046-274    3V P/S Option Assembly
046-310    Operator Control Panel
046-366    Line Monitor
046-604-00    ATB II HV P/S +/- 120V
046-808    Dual P/S 0-55V
046-811-00    Programmable Power Supply Controller
046-813    Dual P/S 0-55V
046-833-00    Operator Control Panel Assy
046-846-00    AC Power Distribution Unit
046-871-00    Vacuum Hose
046-992-00    Prism P/S +/- 20V
047-062    3V P/S Option Assembly
047-068    3V P/S Cable
047-081-01    DeltaScan II
047-081-02    DeltaScan II
047-081-03    DeltaScan II w/ Disconnect Board
047-227    WaveScan
047-231-00    WaveScan Cable
047-231-60    Wavescan Cable
047-246-60    "Cable, Deltascan"
047-328-00    PCIO Cable
047-427-00    ASIC
047-463-00    Spectrum Dscan SCSI Cable
047-705-00    Diagnostic Test Block 2
047-903-00    DeltaScan Option FP
048-063-01    Spares Kit (Basic)
048-093-00    DFP Chassis PC
048-117-00    Spectrum VXI VP2
048-256-00    PDU TER
048-273-01    Prism Line Conditioner
048-324    Z18xx AC PDU
048-570-01    Spectrum CC3 Lightning Card
048-59X-00    Receiver Gasket
048-830-00    Spectrum CC2885x Assembly
048-891-00    Spectrum VXI -MXI 2 (Chassis 1+)
0490-1804    Relay- Dry Reed 1A 12VDC-COIL 0.5AMP 200VDC 1000-O
0490-1814    Relay 20V Reed Relays
0490-1839    Relay 5V Relays for Programmable Hybrid Cards
049-146-00    Spectrum 8851 Shorting Plate
049-147-00    Spectrum 8852 Shorting Plate
049-156-014    Power Supply Cage
049-195-03    Spectrum VXI Install Kit 8855
049-473-00    Spectrum CC2A 885x Assembly
0508-0-00-15-00-00-03-0    CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.020DIA GOLD
051-002-00    Prog P/S Controller
051-002-01    Prog P/S Controller
051-002-02    Prog P/S Controller
051-002-DTS    Prog P/S Controller
051-002-DTS-B    Prog P/S Controller
051-003    DR IIP
051-004-00    Spectrum Prism w/HV
051-006-00    3V P/S ControllerÿBoard
051-010-00    FIB
051-016-00    Multiplexer
051-017    Wavescan
051-018    WaveScan
051-020    Custom Apps Kit 8855
051-024    Spectrum Extender Boards
051-027    DR IID
051-044-00    Spectrum CC2 Master Card
051-045-00    Spectrum CC2 Extender Card
051-046-00    Spectrum VP Extender (Chassis 1+)
051-048-00    Vector Processor 3
051-059-00    Spectrum DeltaScan
051-062-00    Spectrum VXI Extender
051-064-00    Spectrum VXI Mini Extender
051-068-00    Operator Control Panel
051-071-00    Prism
051-085    DR IIA
051-091-00    Spectrum DUT P/S Controller
051-092-00    "Spectrum DUT P/S 5.5V,24V,24V Programmable"
051-092-01    "Spectrum DUT P/S 5.5V,52V,52V Programmable"
051-113-00    PCIO 32 Bit
051-116-01    Spectrum Vector Processor VP2
051-116-02    Spectrum Vector Processor VP2
053-364-00    Momentum Elite A0_2/G1_7(7/1/2002)
0603-2    DeltaScan Disconnect Board
060-365-00    Switch Power Control Rectangular
060-365-C    Switch Cover Power Control Yellow Rectangular
060-965-00    Switch Interface Vacuum Pushbutton SPDT ALT Square
061-092-00    SwitchCancel Pushbutton SPDT
061-092-C    Switch Cover Cancel
061-093-46    Switch StartSPDT
061-093-51    Switch StartSPDT
061-202    P/S 24 2.5A Switcher
061-559    DUT P/S 5V @ 60A
061-564    DUT P/S 18V 3.3A
061-959-00    O-Ring 0.206 ID x
062-031-00    Switch Fixture Vacuum Rocker DPDT
062-032    Switch Cover Fixture Vacuum Rocker White
062-033    Switch Cover Vacuum Interface SPBDT White
062-049    Vacuum Valve - Large
062-058    Fixtue Valve Solenoid (on relay assby)  - Medium
063-050    Vacuum Valve Assembly - Small
063-160-00    Relay .2C 5VDC 360M (163-160-00)
063-161-00    Relay 4C 5VDC 72 (063-161-00)
074-720-00    Switch Cover for Start Switch Green
074-754X    Lamp 6.3 V T-1
075-PRP2534S    "075 Ctr Probe 250 Trvl, Crown"
078-91X-00    "Seal, O-Ring 1/8 x 1"
08-65-0805    Terminals for Astec PS Fans
090-001-00    DFP Chassis PC
090-002    DFP Channel Old Ver
090-250-00    DeltaScan I
090-305-00    Spectrum DeltaScan
090-309-00    Spectrum VXI MXI 2
090-310    Spectrum CC2 Card 8855
090-315    DFP ChannelNew Ver
090-327    DeltaScan II
090-328-00    Vacuum Filters
090-438-00    DeltaScan II Disconnect Board PLUG-IN
090-439-00    DeltaScan II Disconnect Board CABLE
091-548-00    "Spectrum P/S5V,5V,2V,24V"
091-658-00    Spectrum FIB
091-733-00    TER Receiver Probes
093-104-00    Power Option 208/120-VAC 30A
093-149-00    DSM 128 MB Kit
09500-2-4039    Blower Fan Finger Guard
0950-2377    Floppy Drive - HP
0950-2871    CD ROM Drive
0950-3021    P/S 200 Watt 115-230 Vac B Series 9000
0950-3040    Hard Drive 2 GB ST32171WD
0950-3042    Hard Drive 4 GB ST34572WD
0950-3164    CD ROM Drive
0950-3612    Adapter for J3128A Hub
0960-1010     "HPIB for Windows NT, 2000"
0993-902-118    Busch Filter Kit
1000-1178    Cable DUT to ASRU B Long
100083-000    Probe-double ended
1001-37P-R    "Conn, DSUB 37P-M Solder cup M"
1001-37S    "Conn, DSUB 37P F solder cup"
1001937-0001    Memory SMS
1001939-0001    Winchester Controller Board
1002001-0001    Winchester Formatter board
100-PLP1541S    "100 Ctr Probe 150 Trvl, Spear"
100-PRP2509S    100 Ctr Probe
100-PRP2519L    Pins Mint
100-PRP2519S    "100 Ctr Probe, 250 Trvl, Waffle"
100-PRP2534S    "100 Ctr Probe 250 Trvl, Crown"
100-PRP2544E-S    "100 Ctr Probe, 250Trvl,Crown"
100-PRP4003L    Probe Chisel
101472-002    Probe Zif IDI
1031    Connector TP diameter .032
10-4216    Solder Flux
104-9270    FAC Hawk I/O Board
1053-1362-ND    Fan Guard
106TTA050M    Capacitor 10MF
107TTA025M    Capacitor 100MF
1095-66501    PCA Line Conditioning Card
1095-66510    PCA Line Term Card
109R0812H4021    "fan, axial 80MM 12VDC 130ma Size 80mm depth 25mm"
10D3-01206    Cable DB25M-DB25F Serial 6 ft
10M4303    Test Leads Banana to Clip
11345B    3065 Diagnostic Test Fixture
11351-66510    3065 Pulsar P/S
11352-66501    3065 Scanner Mother Card
11352-66504    3065 DUT Sense Batching Card
11352-66508    3065 TH Monitor Control Card
11352-66520/21    3065 Digital Card
11352-66530/11    3065 GPIO
11352-66540    3065 Hybrid Card Front Half only
11352-66540/41    3065 Hybrid Card Front & Back
11352-66541    3065 Hybrid Card Back Half only
11352-66584/85    3065 FCC Card (System 23 for AT Version)
11352-66591    HP 3065 Interface Card
11352-66592/93    3065 System 0 Card Front/Back
11352-66594/95    3065 System 23 Card Front/Back
11352-66598    3065 Vector Processor VPX
114-87-316-41-134161    CONN IC DIP SOCKET 16POS GOLD
1-1761609-5    APM Connector
1192-DB25-MM    DB25 male-male
12009-60020    3065 HPIB Controller Card
1-206394-41    AMP 206934-1
12100-60001    3065 MUX Card for 3065CL Controller
12100-69001    3065 CL Processor Board
1-2199298-6    Socket 20 Pin IC & Comp DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
1-2199298-8    Socket 24 Pin IC & Comp DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER
123    PS2 to USB Adapter
1250-2076    Terminator
12508    Rice Lake 100G Weight Set
128MBPC133169159    Memory 256 MB
1372J1FY969545    Samsung HD080HJ/P
1375    Waveform Generator
138RCS-14-101-E    Vacuum Valve
1-390262-2    Connector Dip Socket 28 POS
1-390263-2    Connector Dip Socket 32 POS
1430A    Digitizer
1445A    Function Generator
1485C    Signal Processor
1490B    Breadboard w/ Pots custom parts
150102K630BB    Capacitor .001MF
150473K250BB    Capacitor .047 MF
151    Printer Ithaca Series 150 Model 151
151S-MIC    Printe IIthaca Series 150 Model 151 Serial
1530-2252    Gas Spring
1-534008-0    Connector 4X40 160 POS TBC RECPT
153A    Timer
1551GBK    Box Enclosure
1556747    Fluke 724 Calibration cable
156886    Filter Air
156-PRH2509S    Probe Waffle Large barrel
159662    Pneumatic Tubing 1 meter
1623934-1    Resistor Zero ohm .25
1-640445-6    Connector 16 POS Wire to Board HDRThru Hole
1-640445-8    Connector 18 POS Unshrouded HDRThru Hole
1765-0079    Memory 1MB Q-RAM-2 (Clearpoint)
1765-0128-01    Diaphragm Plate/Grill R/X 19 Slot for TS LH & LS
1765-3246-00     "Floppy Drive 8"" TANDEN"
1765-5765-00    Diaphragm Plate/Grill RX 33 Slot 2272/Older 2282
1765-5765-01     Diaphragm Plate/Grill RX 33 SLOT NEW 82/8xVMS/E/i
1765-7523    Bar Code Wand 2276
1765-7549-00    228X ZIF Blue
1765-9591-00    Receiver ASM. Lower & Topw/Hardware 18 Slot
1765-9705-00    ZIF Connector 228x Black
1765-9706-00    Pogo Pin for ZIF Connector
1765-9710-00    ZIF Connector LH & LX
1765-9725-00     Diaphragm Plate/Grill RX 15 SLOT 80/1i/A
1765-9726-01     Diaphragm Plate/Grill RX 33 SLOT 8xE/i/ L/TS8X/12X
1766-3024-00    85MB MAXTOR DRIVE
179450-001    Hard Drive 18 GB
180777-01    AT-MXI
180-P00025-0000-B01    Graphics Card AGP
181641-01    MXI-1 Cable
181641-02    Cable MXI1
181830-01    IEEE Controller
181830E-01    ISA GPIB Card
1819    Foam - Black Foam Media 1015 PPI
1826176-01    PCI MXI 2 Card
1826857-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182685F-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182685H-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182685J-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182685K-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182687B-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182687C-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182687D-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
182687E-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
183117K-01    PCI GPIB Card
183617G-01    PCI GPIB Card
183617H-01    PCI GPIB Card
183617J-01    PCI GPIB Card
183617K-01    PCI GPIB Card
183617L-01    PCI GPIB Card
183619B-01    PCI GPIB Card
1849998    contact DIN Rail Terminal Block
188513B-01    PCI GPIB Card
188513D-01    PCI GPIB Card
19030572A    Fan CR055-ND
1972469    5-102618-3
1N4001    Diode 50V 1A 2-Pin DO-41
1N4148    Diode 1N4148
1N4745A-TAP    Diode 1N4745
"1N4746A,113"    Diode 18V1N4746
1N914B    "Diode Power, Switching 100VIo/200mA     "
1SS374(TE85LF)    Clamping Diode Ultra DS
2000    Frame 2000 Keithley
2001    Keithley 2001
200752892504    "LED Lcd Screen 15.6"""
207544-7    Connector 16 Position Through-Hole Single Row Righ
20J15RE    Resistor; Wirewound; Res 15 Ohms; Axial
20J4R0E    Resistor Wirewound 4 Ohm 5%10W
20V8-15    "IC, GAL 15 NANOSECONDS DIP-24 64X40 AND ARRAY"
214-99-314-01-670800    "    CONN IC DIP SOCKET 14POS TINLEAD"
2200-4110    UPS 7x/82/86VPC/88
2200-4120    UPS 20V w/o cage
2200-4132    "TPS ""II"" (Two)"
2200-4140    UPS 40V w/o cage
2200-4180    UPS 80V w/o cage
2211    "Standoff, Threaded #6-32; 0.75in;0.25in"
2211-8SQ    Solder Mask Squeeze bottle
2236    Oscilloscope 10 MHZ
224098    "Connector, Molex 03-09-2042"
224223    "Contact, Molex 02-09-2103"
224231    "Contact, Molex 02-09-1104"
224514    "Connector, Molex 03-06-2044"
224581    "Contact, Power Male 24-30 AWG"
2265-4700    Kramden Bus Board
2265-4705    Clock Timer Board
2265-4720    K-Ram GR
2265-4725    Kramden Bus Board
2265-4726    Clock Timer Board
2266-2007    DCS Power Supply
2266-4702    MUX Board
2266-4705    D/S Reference Board
2266-4706    Driver Sensor Board
2266-4707    D/S Controller Board
2266-4708    AC Impedance Meas. Board
2266-4710    Scanner Board
2266-4711    DC Source Board
2266-4712    DC Measure Board
2266-4718    unknown
2266-4724    IEEE Controller
2266-4730    Sync Pulse Board
2266-4737    SDS Board
2266-4739    Self-Test Module
2266-4740    Host Board
2267-3000    Keyboard GR 2272
2267-3001    Monitor GR2275
2267-3003    Operator Keypad
2267-4701    PIO Relay Driver Board
2267-4702    Q-Bus Address Fillter Card
2267-4704    TPS/UPS Controller
2267-4709    Printer Interface Board
2267-4718    Console Terminal Board
2272    Frame GR 2272
2272-    OVF Box
2272-0704    unknown GR 2272
2272-0750    GR Customer Support Block
2272-3000    User P/S
2272-3071    Lambda P/S
2272-3072    Lambda P/S
2272-3073    OVP Test Module - GR 2272
2272-4007    Keyboard GR 2272
2272-4009    unknown
2272-4016    PS 16 Pex 2272
2272-4021    PS 12-20A 2272
2272-4022    HCS 17 AMP 2272
2272-4023    PS 20-24A 2272
2272-4024    "D/S PS 250V 5A, 3A"
2272-4025    Measure PS 2272
2272-4027    Scanner PS 2272
2272-4028    HCS 30 AMP 2272
2272-4038    Keyboard 2275/72
2272-4043    Fan Box Assembly
2272-4062    unknown
2272-4100    OVP (Operation Verification Fixture)
2272-4700    unknown
2272-4701    Pex Controller
2272-4738    Driver Sensor - Enhanced Version
2272-4739    D/S Control LSC
2272-4742    Extender Board GR
2272-4743    Speed Plus D/S Board
2272-4744    PEX Board
2272-4747    D/S Ref
2272-4753    GR Extender Board
2272-4788    Clock Timer Board
2272-4789    CPU 11/73 DEC M8192
2272-4792    Q-Bus GR 2272 Phoenix
2272-5504-00    Milled Grill Receiver Bushing Kit
2272-9479    PS AC/DC 5 V+/-12
2275-1519    Winchester Drive 65 mg
2275-1570    Winchester Cont. (SMS FWD-01060 (2 Boards)
2275-4057-00    2275 Extender
2275-4704    LCT QUAD QUAF
2275-4706    LCT Kramden
2275-4710    Extender Board GR
2275-4712    User P/S Cont. Board
2275-4713    STM
2275-4714    IEEE/MUX
2275-4717    Dual Printer Board
2275-4744    LCT QUAD QUAF
2275-4750    Console Board
2275-4752    SDS Board
2275-4753    Analog and I/O Cage
2276-0323-01    GPIB adapter Cable
2276-0400    5V@100A (PS5)
2276-0421-00    PS10 CPU
2276-0711    Computer Board GR 2276
2276-2018    Keyboard
2276-4704    QUAF #1
2276-4705    QUAF #2
2276-4707    Clock Timer (CPU)
2276-4712    DSC
2276-4713    STM Self Test Module (STM)
2276-4717    QSDS Board
2276-4719    QSDS Board
2276-4724    Console Board
2276-4729    Memory Test Module
2276-4730    H/S Clock Board (Pin Bay) GR 2276
2276-4731    Trigger Board
2276-4732    H/S Controller GR 2276
2276-4734    D/S Cage
2276-4743    INST MUX 1
2276-4746    """E"" H/S Controller"
2276-4747    """E"" H/S Clock"
2276-4748    QUAF #1
2276-4760    ICA BOARD/MDA
2276-7002    Vacuum Port Seal Gasket
2276e    Frame GR 2276e
2277-4014    Combo I (non-DSM)
2277-4015-00    Pin Bay Extender
2277-4016-00    Ref Card Extender
2277-4019    DSM
2277-4019-00    DSM
2277-4020-00    Combo I
2277-4021-01    Combo II
2277-4545    DCM
2277-4711-01    HSC
2277-4711-02    HSC
2277-4711-10    HSC (ONLY for Test station)
2277-4711-10F    HSC (ONLY for Test station)
2277-4711-10G    High Speed Controller
2277-4712    CST Clock Sync Trigger
2277-4712-01    CST Clock Sync Trigger
2277-4712-02    CST Clock Sync Trigger
2277-4712-03    CST Clock Sync Trigger
2277-4715-01    Non-DSM Combo 1 Bottom
2277-4727-00    Combo 2 Top Half
2277-4736    STM
2277-4737    Power Supply Controller
2277-4738    DCS
2277-4742-00B    GR Enxtender
2277-4743    MUX
2277-4744    ACZ
2277-4745-00    DCM
2277-4750    REF only non-ica
2277-8242-01    Board Stop 228x
2280IA    Frame GR 2280IA-AccelerATE Test System
2280S    Frame GR 2280S
2283e    Frame GR 2283e
2284e    Frame GR 2284e
2284i    Frame GR 2284i
2286-2166-00    Vacuum Controls & Cable
2286i    Frame GR 2286i
2287i    Frame GR 2287i
2291-0751/3A    unknown
2291-4721    Quad NIM Board
2291-4753    Bar Code Reader Board
2293-4708    Controller Board (unknown)
22V10-15    "IC, 22V10-15, GAL, DIP-24, 15ns 132 x 44 AND ARRAY"
230156    "Connector, Molex 03-09-1041"
23801    RocketPort Octi-Cable 46 inch
238165    Adjustable Handle
238610-032D    Vacuum Solenoid
2392A    Monitor HP3065
2410ML-04W-B60-B00    Fan Astec MP1 PS for MPU asm
2461    Racal Inst. Universal Counter  
251010    "Fuse, PICO II 10A"
25567-60003    LAN EISA Adapter725/C110
2576-51    Keyboard
264534-001    Serial Port Card
26R4055    1 Meg Resistor
270    Function Generator
2750-4003    UPS 7x/82/86VPC/88/Robin
2750-4004    UPS 7x/82/86VPC/88/Robin
2750-4005    UPS 7x/82/86VPC/88/Robin
2750-4043    Selectable Voltage Supply 1
2750-4620-00    Relay Disconnect
2750-4793-00    User Controller
2806KL-04W-B89    CPU Fan D530
280-S25    Printer Ithaca Serial
280S-9-DG    Ithaca Printer 280S-9-DG
280S-9-DIS    Printer Ithaca 9 Pin Serial
28110-2x38    NIC ST1000BT32
28F001    "IC, 1Mb Flash 150ns 32 pin dip"
28L0138-40R-10    Ferrite Bead 120 OHM
2970015    UMK-BE-45
2970028    "UMK-BE 22,5"
2970031    UMK-FE
2971535    "UMK-BE 11,25"
2BA-60    Test Leads DB-DB 5 ft
2N333    P/S PS5251-2DF 250 W ATX
2N7002LT1G    MOSFET
30-46375-01    1.08 Gb SCCI HD
3070-SB    Support Bay 3070-I
3080028-01    PLC Contoller
3160-0410    Fan Rotron 240V PatriotS2 (inside)
3161    Racal Inst. AWG  
3253A    3065 ASRU 3253A
3253B    3065 ASRU 3253B
3282-4032-00    GR 228x Load Box
32M2201J-2    Capacitor
32MPL1002F-2    Capacitor
32MPL2202F-1    Capacitor
32PL1001F-2    Capacitor
32PL3301F-2    Capacitor
340-5000-001    Switch 8x Keypad
34196A    Scanner P/S
34401A    HP DMM
3453A    DSRU
3458A    DMM 8.5 Digit
3478A    3065 Multimeter
349774-001    HP DC7100 Power Supply
34B-AAA-GDFA-1KV    Air Valve/Solenoid for TS128LX
350929-001    HPdc7100 mothbd
3553-20-100    3553-20-100
377991    51110-0850-VP
381648-002    Western Digital WD800JD
38C7176    FDS6930A
38K0326    100 ohm resistor
39P9916    EEUEE2G680
3C905C-TXM    Ethernet 10/100 PCI Card
4000032    Octi cable Rocket Port 78 pin to 8 port DB25M
400200    SIGMA Computer Board
40349    ATM Measurement Bd
404024-001    Hard Drive 80 GB
405-213-00    Spectrum PS1
405-214-00    Spectrum PS2
4095    Thermo-Hygro
410-0001    Excelsys XCB-00
410-0015    Excelsys XG1
410-0016    Excelsys XG2
410-0017    Excelsys XG3
410-0018    Excelsys XG4
410125-200    DVD ROM
410125-501    DVD Drive GH40L(A2CH)
4101A    DMM/Counter
414009-001    PCI Extender Card
415-213-00     Spectrum PS 5.2V @30A 24V @ 8.5A 24V @ 8.5A
4-1571552-9    Socket 28 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole Tube
41K9185    10 Meg Resistor
41K9186    100 Meg Resistor
4230-0207-00     Zif connector only (160 pin AccelerATE)
4230-6382-00    NEW 2276 ZIF CONNECTOR
4251A    Monitor HP VGA
4263A    LCR Meter
430956-001    NVIDIAP383 Video Card
4310R-101-223LF    Resistor; 22 Kilohms; 1.25 W; 2 %; 100 V
434820-002    KeyBoard PS2
437479-003    Western Digital WD800AAJS
4394/12-231    FAN BTS4394-12-231
4394M    Fan Tubeaxial 119x32MM 24VDC
4396/12    Fan Accelerate 24V 5.8W
4484FM    Fan DC Axial 24V
44900A    Module Cage and Fan Series I
44902-60000    Foot Switch
44964B    PDU 44964B Series I
44980A    PVF Series I
450-20-0022    Capacitor for Blower
45-405-026    Mount System Monitor & Keyboard
455675-001    Graphics Card NVIDIA QUADRO
45RNG18-2111T3    Leecraft Indicator
45RNG18-2112T3    Leecraft Indicator
4610X-101-103LF    "Ressistor BUSSEDNET, 9, 10KOHM, 2%, 10PIN SIP "
4610X-101-820LF    RESISTOR Array 82 Ohm9 Element SIP 10 Pin Bussed
4610X-102-103LF    "ResistorISOLATED NETWORK, 5, 10KOHM, 2% SIP "
4610X-102-391LF    ResistorThick Film 390 Ohm2%1.25W
4610X-104-331/471LF    Resistor 330 Ohm/470 Ohm 2% 1.25W Con 10-Pin SIP  
46344    "Connector, Housing Nylon 4pos"
4715FS-12T-B50-D00    Fan Axial
474695    PNOZ 24VDC 3S 10 Timer Relay 24VDC 3.5VA
475695    PNOZ 1.32S/1o DIN VDE 010 4kv/3
478    printer cable DB9 F/F
479-479-00    Spectrum PC Controller Pentium II
48049-000LF    Cable Connector Pins
481385    "Connector, Housing, Poly, 12 POS"
4863-3076    1000PF 1% 250V
488-001    HPIB Cable
488293-001    LAN CARD Adapter
497-2357-5-ND    ULN2804A
4WT46    Fan (6624A)
4ZK71    Mounting Bracket for 4ZL07 Compressed Air Filter
4ZL07    Compressed Air Filter Asm 228x
50000007    8 Port DB25M RS232 78 pin connector
50001136-01    PCI DigiClassic Card RS-232 8 Port
5000800    RocketPort Bd DB25
5000820    RocketPort 78 Pin
500-164-R    cable null DB9F-DB9F
5002265    RocketPort uPCI Card
5002270    PCI RocketPort DB25 8 Port
5030253    "UMK-SE 11,25-2"
5030266    UMK-SE 11.25-3
5030266A    "umk-se 11,25-3 adjustment"
50394-8100    "Connector, Milli-Grid Crimp Terminal"
505-4943    "Acid Brushes, qty. 144"
5060-0418    "Tip, Guided Probe"
51 Plus    Printer Ithaca 51 Plus
510    GR PC 510
5-102619-8    Connector Header 5-102619-8
51110-0860    Connector 8CKT Crimp HOUw/lock
515182-001    Fire Wire Card
5167-7294-SCI Rev B    "Gasket-1/8"" Receiver Gasket"
5180-0006-00    Fan 24VGR Test Station Pin Bay
5180-0420-00    "Fan 10"" Comair Rotron Model CL2T2"
5180-4770    Measure Cage Fan & Assembly
5180-4788-00    Alliance Cage Fan
5180-4792-00    Fan 228X Pin bay
5180-7230    3065 Interface Drive
51M1795    500 Meg Resistor
5270-4956-00    Vacuum Valve 2286
5270-4962-00     Vacuum Valve Piloted 3 Way
5270-5768-00    Vacuum Port screen
5270-5841-00    Vacuum Valve (R/X ONLeft/Right/Receive (Kay Valve)
5270-5882-00    Air Solenoid V2-v4 (24vcd control)
5270-5884-00    Pin Bay Front Filter
5270-5885-00    Pin Bay Filter (2280-81)
53    Printer Ithaca Model 53
530    GR PC 530 or Compatible
53131A    Universal Counter
532434-5    Connector Zif Paddle 160 pos
533294-1    Conn HDI M240 pos 2.54mm SLDR STTH
5335A    Frequency Counter
53771    "Calibration Label (1-1/2"" X 5/8"")"
53R3646    1 KOhm Resistor
541-3.01CCT    3.01 1% resistor
5423-0659-00    Hybrid
5434-0015    Ultra DS Chip
5434-0015-00    Ultra Card DS Pin Chip
5434-0016-00    Ultra Card Reference IC
5434-0183    GR D/S IC
54504A    Dig. Oscilloscope
54542A    Oscilloscope 4ch 500Mhz 2GSa/s
5457    USB A to USB Micro
54825A    Oscilloscope 4ch 500Mhz 2GSa/s Infininium
5500A    Fluke 5500A Calibrator
5504F1-09S-02A-03    "Connector, Sub 5504F1-09S-02A-03"
551-EC2-24NJ    Lowe Signal Relay-PCB
551-EC2-5NJ     Relay 5V PCB 5VDC NON-LATCH
5520A    Frame 5520A Fluke
558-0201-007F    LED panel mnt green diffused
561-SR15729    Snap Rivet for Alliance Fan
5650933-5    IOP PC DIN 41612 Connector
565-3781-12-0    "Test Lead 12"" Blk"
565-3781-12-2    "Test Lead 12"" Red"
565-3782-48-0    Test Lead 48' Blk
565-3782-48-2    "Test Lead48"" Red"
56C-57-RE    56C-57-RE Mac Valve
571-1-1761607-5    Header
5749204-1    TER SCSI Connector Hood
5749621-7    TER SCSI Connector
5760-0597-00    Head Motor Asm for Accelerate
576-0230003.MPX    Fuse 250V 3A Slow Blow 2AG
576-0239.750HXEP    Fuse 250V 0.75A Slow Blow Axial Lead
576-0251005.MAT1L    "Fuse 125V 5A, Axial"
576-0251010.MRT1L    "Fuse 125V 10A , Axial"
576-0273.250H    "Fuse Micro 125V .25A, Top Hat"
576-0273.400H    Fuse Micro 125V .4A
576-0273002.H    Fuse Micro 125V 2A
576-0273002.V    Fuse Micro 125V 2A
576-0273005.H    Fuse Micro 125V 5A
576-273005.H    Fuse Micro 125V 5A Fast Acting Can
5778-255 E70    O ring standard ziff
57D-73-111BA    Vacuum Valve
581-241-00    Relay 2C 5VDC
581-250-00    Relay 1A 5VDC
584-AD712JRZ    Precision Amp HS Dual BIFET
591-2304-107F    LED Green Alliance 2G
5931-0    Jack Panel MNT
5960-8532    HP Tape Drive
5KP6.0A    Diode 5KP6A
600-2270    PCI comtrol 8 port
600-904-01    Rack Power Supply 2G Alliance
60111773400132VerAO1    PCI Extender
601-733-00-BTS    228xe Vac Switch Asm
601-954-53    PS 2G Alliance Ctrl
601-960-54    PS 2G Alliance 0-7V@15A
601-960-64    PS 2G Alliance 0-20V@8A
601-960-73/E    PS 2G Alliance 0-60V@2.5A
601-960-74    PS 2G Alliance 0-60V@2.5A
602-3051-100-01    wire 22 awg
602-3055/1-100-01    wire 18 awg
6034    3065 6034 DUT Power Supply H
6038A    3065 6038A DUT Power Supply HX
6038L    3065 6038L DUT Power Supply
603-MFR50SFTE52-3R01    Resistors - Through Hole 3.01 OHM 1/2W 1%
604-349-00    Barcode Reader Kit w USB Cable
60488    HPIB Card
6062A    A/D & D/A Module w/AWG
6067 Custom Refit 1    Power Supply Custom Astec
6067 Custom Refit 2    Power Supply Custom Astec
6067-0015    15V DC LOS-X-15
6067-0046    LOT-W-5152A (user P/S)
6067-0070    PS6 6V
6067-0096-00    PS5 5V@240A
6067-0113-00    PS3
6067-0114-00    TST 124 PS 2
6067-0117    Power Supply  
6067-0130-00    TS Utra PS21
6067-0187-00    TS8X/121 PS3
6067-0336-00    "User P/S 5V , 12-15V"
6067-0342-00    Pin Bay P/S 6V @ 83A
6067-0352-00    Pin Bay P/S 5.2V @ 100A
6067-0353-00    Pin Bay P/S 5V @ 200A
6067-0358-00    Pin Bay P/S 5V @ 240A
6067-0426-00    TSLX Pwr Ctrl PS
6067-0619-00    2276 PS11 5V@12A
6067-8081-00    PS12-15 Fixed User ICA
6067-8087     VS1-B8-B2-00 (-409)
6067-8094-00    PS23
6067-8100-00    GR2284EICA PS 8 or PS9
6067-8101-00    "6@50,5@35,24@8.5,24@4,24@2"
6067-8102-00    PS10+5 Fixed User ICA
6067-8114-00    3734X6B5B24D24/24H
6067-8115-00    Stinger 600W PS1
6067-8118-00    "PS1 6, -12, 12v , 24"
6067-8119-00    "PS35, -18V"
606-CM24X    24 V Lamp
6090-2093    Relay Reed 5v (Red)
6090-2324-00    Mux relay
6090-2360-00    LS 05.10-00
6090-8025-00     Relay Ultra Pin Card
612NN    Fan Tubeaxial 60x25MM 12VDC
620-021-00    Frame TSLH121
6235    Test Probes SMD Micro probe set
6253A    P/S Dual 0-40V 0-3A
62C1025    1 Gig Resistor
63-0000-0951    "Flux, No Clean, 2% Low Solid, 1 Gallon"
630-HSMA-2802_BLKG    Diode 70 VBR 2pf
63151    Bolt Gage
632122-4B-JA    Power Switch for 3070 PDU
63913F    P/S 5V @35A/10V @ 12A
63914F    3065 PS 24V 15A
63917F    PS 14 V
63933F    P/S
640445-6    Conn Wire to Board HDR 6 POS 3.96mm Solder ST Thru
6465k23    "Gas Spring 270 lb Force 19.88"" length 7.87"" stroke"
6465k3    "Gas Spring 146 lb Force 11.81"" extended length 3.9"
652-4380R-102-510LF    Resistor Network & Arra 51 ohm8 pin isolated
652-4608X-2LF-100    100ohm Resistor network isolated
65846-005LF    Cable Connector
6621A    DUT P/S
6624A    DUT P/S
6626A    DUT P/S
6632A    ACPS
6634A    DUT P/S
6634B    DUT P/S
6642A    "P/S Single Output DC P/S 0 to 20V, 10 A 6642A"
668465    50394-8100
66925-527LF    Paddle Board Connector 27 pin
670-OD123824HTB    "120mm FAN (4"")"
6733-0    wire black
6733-2    wire
683163    "Socket, IC, 24 Pin 300Dual"
"684-MP9100-0,1"    Resistor Thick Film
6AIP1    Fixture
6COP1    Fixture
6KD74    Fan Series3 MPU
6SE3112-8BA40    "Controller, motor"
6SIP1    Fixture
6T974    Graphics Card 32 MB ATI Radeon 7500 AGP
70032    ISA - 4 port Comtrol card
70488    HPIB Card
7101J60Z3QE2    GR SPDT Switch
7104-089-02824    ESI-10 Accelerate IO Module
7104-089-03023    MTX-12E18
7104-099-04611    MTX-12E18
7104-099-33611    24Vdc@5A Accelerate U1 PS
7171E-C01    Optiplex Riser
72-1025    LCR Meter
7211J60Z3QE2    GR SP3T Switch
725-100    Controller 725-100
725-50    Controller 725-50
73-180-0022    Power Supply VS1
73-180-0085    VS1-B5-F233-01
73-180-0175CE    VS1-K2-00(-CE)
73-180-0315    PS1
73-180-4002    PS1 or PS2
73-180-4009      VS1-B2-B2-00-409
73-180-4019    VS1-B2-B5-00
73-180-4038    VS1-D2-00 (-438)
73-180-4039    VS1-B4-B3-00(-439)
73-180-4043    "PS1-1 5V@150 PS1-2 5.2v @ 50A, 24v @ 5A, -24V @ 5A"
73-180-4061    PS3 for 86i/87i
73-180-5024    PS
73-190-4061    "PS2 -18v @ 14A, 12v @ 20A 6v @ 45A, 15v 10A, 24v @"
73-190-4076    VS3-K2-B4-H255-00
73-190-4077    VS3-B2-B3-B3-B5-00
73-190-4078    PS1(2284i)
73-190-4079    PS2(2284i)
73-190-6012    Power Supply Astec
73-190-6019    VS3-K2-B8-B5-H255
73-190-6023    "18V@33A,5V@120A,15V@40A,5.2V@50A/24V@5A/24V@5A"
73-190-6026    Power Supply Astec
73-3 Series III    Multimeter 73 Fluke
73-315-005X80    5V/15V/15V
73-315-012X80    H333 triple output module
73-315-412X80    G83 triple output module
73-316-0005    Power Supply 2-5VDC @ 120A
73-316-0012    Power Supply 12-15v @50-40A
73-316-0024    Power Suppy 24-28VDC@ 25-21.4A PS
73-316-005X80    Power Supply 2-5V @ 120A
73-316-0105    Power Supply 2-5VDC @ 150A
73-316-0105KIT3.3V    Power Supply Module 3.3V ONLY
73-316-012    Power Supply 12-15V @ 50-40A
73-316-012X80    B3/B4 12 or 15V Module
73-316-024    Power Supply 24-28V @ 25-21.4A
73-316-4001    Power Supply 18VDC @ 33A
73-316-4002    Power Supply Module 6V@50A
73-316-4004    Power Supply 6V@100A
73-316-401    Power Supply 18V @ 33A
73-316-402    Power Supply   6V @ 50A
73-316-4033    Power Supply 6VDC @ 100A
73-316-404    Power Supply 6V @ 100A
73-316-4078    Power Supply 5 V @ 120A
73-316-4079    Power Supply 22V @ 25A
73-316-4112    Power Supply 9 V @ 83A
73-316-433    Power Supply 6V @ 50A
73-317-0012    Power Supply 12-15 V @ 100-80A
73-317-005    Power Supply 2-5V @ 240A
73-317-0105    Power Supply 3.3V @ 300A
73-317-4055    Power Supply 12V @ 75.0 A
73-317-4058    Power Supply 6V @ 150 A
73-318-001    AC-DC Converter
73-318-403    AC - DC Converter 115-230V @ 15A 50/60/400 Hz
73-450-0001    "AC-DC Converter 115-230V, 15A, 385V, 8A"
73-450-001    "AC-DC Conv385VDC,8A"
73-450-4011    AC/DC converter385V@8A
73-450-4013    AC-DC Conv. 385 ADC @ 8 A
73-495-0235    "Power Supply 5v@45A, 15V@10A, 24V@5A"
73-495-0255    "Power Supply 5V@50A,18-28V@5A,18-28V@5A"
73-495-0333    "Power Sup12/15V@21/16A, 4.2-15.8V@10A,4.2-15.8@10A"
73-495-335    "Power Supply V@21/16A, 4.2-15.8V@10A, 18-28V@5A"
73-495-4012    "Power Supply 18V@14A, 4.2-15.8V@10A,4.2-15.8V@10A"
73-495-4013    Power Supply 6V@42A 15V@10A 24V@5A
73-495-4014    "Power Supply 5V@50A,18-28V@5A,18-28V@5A"
73-495-4018    "Power Supply 6V@42A, 15V@10A , 15V@10A"
73-495-4036    "Power Supply 18V@14A ,12V@10A, 15V@10A"
73-495-413    "Power Supply 6v@42A, 18-28V@5A , 4.2-15.8@10A"
73-540-0001i    PS Carrier IMP
73-540-0507    PS Astec
73-551-0005    Power Supply +-20V@10A
73-551-0015    PS 1N module15v@14A
73-551-0024    PS 1Q module 24v@8.5A
73-552-0005    Power Supply +-20V@16A
73-554-0550    Power Supply +-20V@6.A
73-610-072    PSE2-230-H-072
73-640-4002    Power Supply VS4
73-640-4003    VS4-K8-K1-B8-B8-H255-H248-00
736481    "Terminal, 156 KK Loose TFT 18-20"
74174700    Ultra 2 Driver/Sensor IC
741-747-00    Ultra 2 D/S IC
742C083330JPCT-ND    Resistor Array 33 ohm 4 res
74F1765A    Controller chip
74F273N    IC Dip Flip-Flop
74FCT16240ATPVCG4    Buffer Line Driver 16B
74FCT16373ATPVG    Latch Transparent 16-bit
74FCT16374ATPVG    Register 16-Bit
7550-3263-00    "Spring, Large Receiver, Standard & Perimeter LX"
7550-3268-00    "Spring, Small Receiver, Between Zif's"
760VTFT    Monitor Samsung Syncmaster
7688    power cord Ithaca
76K2427    Metcal 2.3mm Desolering Tip
76K2428    Metcal 3.2mm Desolering Tip
77000578    PCI Digi ClassicBoard RS232 8 Port
775695    PNOZ relay 3NO 1NC
777163-02    MXI-2 Cable 2 Meter
777185-01    PCI MXI-2 Card
778621-01    Cable 37-pin D-Sub SH37F-37M
778673-01    Connector CB-37FH
778927-01    USB GPIB
779084-01    Digital I/O Card PCI-6518
780    Desktop PC
796854    "Header, 156 KK RT Angle FL TFT"
7BP703.0    Module Rack
7CP430.60-1    CPU 2003 CP430 (32850180072)
7DM465.7    Digital Mixed Module 2003
80-3-5    Solder Wick Rosin .080
8-1044-010    Modem Cable
8120-3446    Cable GPIB
8120-5371    Cable BNC System Card to Hub 6 meters
8120-6861    EVC to EGA Adapter
813-033-01    Oil
816    LCR Meter Instek 816
816-9001-05-00    Reed Relay
816-9091-05-00    Ultra Relay
82357A    USB GPIB Card & Cable
82357B    USB-GPIB Interface High Speed
8314    "Fan, ball"
8320G001    Flodraulic Exhaust Valve (Small)
847264934    ISA - MIXI 1
849-546-01    Analog Meter
8502    Tape Drive - Zeh
863-MC10H124FNG    Quad Translation Voltage Levels TTL to ECL
8783SATA    SATA 6Gbps cable 18in
8840A    Multimeter
88809L    unknown
8989-1447-00    Receiver Alignment Fixture
8AC110.60-2    CAN interface
8AC120.60-1    Encoder Monitor / EnDat encoder
8V109000-2    Servo Amplifier
90 Plus    PrinterIthaca
9000S-9    Printer DB9 serial
9001-0010-00    Programmable Power Supply Frame
9001-0074    Programmable Power Supply
9001-0149-00    System Test Fixture 2283/2284
9001-0259    Pin Bay to Lamda Pwr Supplies
9001-0265-00    Alliance P/S Cage & Controller
9001-0268-00    Fixed P/S Assembly for 2283/4E
9001-0296    System Test Fixture 2281a
9001-0368-00    Fixed Power Supply 5/15/15 228x & TS
9001-0375-00    Alliance P/S Rack
9001-0381-01    GR 15 Slot Adapter Plate
9001-0399-01    Adapter Plate 15 Slot
9001-0409-00    Power Controller
9001-0430-00    Fixed Power Supply 5/12/12/ 228x & TS
9001-0430-01    Fixed P/S 5/12/12
9001-05-00    Relay Reed 5v (Red)
9001-0533-01    Operational Verification Fixture
9001-0682-00    Power CTRL Acceoerate
9001-0715-00    Adapter Plate 15 Slot
9001-12-00    Relay 12v 3070 non programmable pin bd
9002-05-00     Relay 9002-05
9003-0134-00    Operator Footswitch
9003-0276    Pwr Monitor to Pin Bay
9003-0286-00    Pin Bay Fan & Temp Sense Cable
9003-0314-00    Fixture Control Cable
9003-0322-00    EPO Cable
9003-0336-00    Ground Cable
9003-0337-00    Meas to Pin B/P Guard
9003-0339-00    Relay Driver 2 Cable
9003-0341-00    Relay Driver 1 Cable
9003-0352-00    PS#2 Out DC Meas
9003-0369-00    Sync/Probe to B/P Cable
9003-0375-00    Vacuum Control Cable
9003-0386    Pin Bay Pwr Cable +5V
9003-0388-00    Din 44 to BNC E-Series/ICA IEE Mus Cable
9003-0389-00    Cable Keyboard Ext
9003-0392-00    24V Fan Supply Cable(E-System)
9003-0393    Pin Bay to Power Bay AC
9003-0396-00    "AC Lines for PS# 7, 8, 9"
9003-0418-00    "AC Lines for PS# 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6"
9003-0419-00    2/15/-18V Pin Bay Pwr Cable
9003-0421-00    PinBay +6/+5V Power Cable
9003-0440-00    Power Controller to Power Monitor Board Cable
9003-0441-00    UUT Cont BD-PMON BD
9003-0522-00    +6V Pin Bay Pwr Cable
9003-0569    UTT PS cable #1
9003-0571-00    Calbe Assy PS1-PS6
9003-0592-00    Fixed Supply Cable
9003-0605-00    Gender Changer for Pwr Controller / Pwr Monitor
9003-0703-00    "Cable, Alliance to Backplane (PS1-3/PS4-6)"
9004-0002    Digital Interconnect
9004-0005    VXI Type II Switch
9004-0020-02    Alliance P/S 7V @ 15A
9004-0025-02    Alliance P/S 20V @ 8A
9004-0026-02    Alliance P/S 60V @ 2.5A
90040026020L    Alliance P/S 60V @ 2.5A
9004-002602C    Alliance P/S 60V@ 2.5A
9004-0029    Alliance Controller Module
9004-0029-02    Alliance Controller
9004-0040-01    AFTM
9004-0061-01    IO Panel
9004-0108-00    MTG
9004-0108-01    MTG
9004-0173-00    10MHZ PIN BOARD
9004-0175-00    SEQUENCER BOARD FOR 10 MHZ
9004-0178    CFB Custom Function Board
9004-0182-00    ICA HV P/S no DC-DC converter
9004-0191-00    CFB-VCI
9004-0198-00    CFB-FTI
9004-0199-00    CFB/FTI Stinger
9004-0225-00    Combo IIA
9004-0238    HF Switch
9004-0246-03    Ultra 121 Pin Card
9004-0265-00    Ultra REF
9004-0271-00    PS 2 filter board for a Astec VS3 Supply
9004-0279-00    PS 1 filter board for a Astec VS1 Supply
9004-0288-02    Ultra1 Top 128L
9004-0315-01    PS Adjustment Board
9004-0324    ICA Top Half
9004-0340-00    ICA w/HV
9004-0341-00    HV ICA PS BD with DC-DC converter
9004-0374    Alliance Cage & Controller 228x
9004-0384-00    Ultra 128 Pin Card
9004-0385-00    Ultra 124 Pin Card
9004-0386-00    Ultra 128L Pin Card
9004-0386-10    Ultra 128L Pin Card
9004-0387-00    Ultra 124LX Pin Card
9004-0389    Fixed P/S
9004-0399-00    MTG ICA only
9004-0399-01    MTG
9004-0404-00    ICA calibration cards
9004-0405-01    ICA HV Daughter Board
9004-0405-02    ICA HV Daughter Board
9004-0405-03    ICA HV Daughter Board
9004-0406-00    REF/PIO
9004-0407    ICA
9004-0410-00    ICA Extender
9004-0442-00    APM Analog Peripheral Module
9004-0443-01    AMM Analog Mux Module
9004-0444-00    ATM Analog Test Module
9004-0446    MDI
9004-0448    Ultra CFB
9004-0456-00    ASM Analog Scanner Module
9004-0472-00    MDI HIGH VOLTAGE Minus Digital MXI Interface
9004-0473-00    APM HIGH VOLTAGE Analog Peripheral Module
9004-0475-00    Combo IA
9004-0485-00    Filter Board Assembly
9004-0498    High Density C1
9004-0523    High Density C2
9004-0529-00    Ultra1 124 TOP
9004-0582-00    Ultra CST Clock Sync Trigger
9004-0582-01    Ultra CST Clock Sync Trigger
9004-0582-02    Ultra CST Clock Sync Trigger
9004-0610-0x    System Controller no DSM
9004-0610-1x    System Controller TS 128 mb DSM
9004-0610-2x    System Controller TS 256 mb DSM
9004-0610-50    "System Controller TS DSM2,SFTM,CST"
9004-0616-00    PIO2 TS
9004-0617-30    PS 21 filter board for a Astec VS4 Supply
9004-0628-03    Switch Board (fan)
9004-0631-00    Fixture Adapter LH 15 Slot 12 Pin Slot (1536 Pin)
9004-0771-02    DSM 2
9004-0810-14      System Controller Card TS
9004-0894    Hybrid 128 Pin
9004-0950-02    ZIF/HDI Paddle Board 160 pin Accelerate
9007-05-01    Relay Reed 5VDC 5000 Ohm SPST-NO
9008112-06    RocketPort Octi-Cable 6 ft
9010-0335    Talon Prog DTM
9010-0341-01    "Fixed P/S 5V@6A, -15V@1A for Ultra Systems"
9010-0430-00    "Fixed P/S +5, +15, -15"
9010-0916-BTS0    ZIF/Paddle Card Assembly (Bravo)
9010-1296-00    NT Dell PC
901031-10 B    Monitor (9VM1031)
9011-05-10    DVM Relay ICA
9011-05-11    coto relays
90119-2110    Crimp
90130-3210    Headers&Housing
90131-0133    Connector 26 POS Unshrouded HDRThru Hole
90142-0010    Headers&Housing
9016-0325-01    Vacuum Port Block Assembly
9018-0004-00    GR228X Keyboard & Mouse set
9021-0013-01    AT-MXI
9021-0028-00    Keypad
9021-0050-00    ISA Comtrol RS232 Daughter Board
9021-0073-00    ISA Comtrol RS232 4 Port
9021-0217-00    Comtrol 8 Port Breakout box
9021-0356-00    IOP-90 Handler Interface Card
9021-0394-00    KeyPad
9021-38    4 Port Lan Card
9022-0005-00    pin for 228x pin bay backplane
9022-0118-01    2283e Backplane
9022-0436-00    Backplane 2280/81
9022-0469-00    IEEE
9025-1283-00    E-Stop Assembly
9025-2157-01    "Shelf, Mouse"
9027-1067-00    "Shelf, Keyboard"
90-4000030-06    RocketPort Cable DB25M-DB25F 6 ft
9121D    Floppy Disk Drive
9144A    3065 Tape Drive
9308    "Screw, Machine 6-32;3/8in lngth"
93C9132    2410ml-05w-b60-b00
93PL    Printer Ithaca 93PL
942714    PCI MXI-1 to MXI-2 Cable
942714-040    PCI MXI-1 to MXI-2 Cable Short
942714-050    "PCI MXI-1 to MXI-2 Cable 50"""
945466    MXI-2 Cable 2 Meter
95050-9    RocketPort Box 8 Port DB25F
95760-7    RocketPort Board 8 Port DB25
95760-7195761-4PCI8    PCI RocketPort 8 port Card
95850-5    PCI Rocket Port card 78 pin connector
97050-7    RocketPort Box 8 Port DB25M
971-0302    VGA AGP Graphics Board
9770001463    FAC Analog Switch Card
9770001469    Console Logic Board
9770001473    FAC Control Panel Interface Bd
9770001477    FAC Relay Bd
9770001540    333 Analog Processing Board
9770001580    VP/VN PS
9770001668    FAC Digital Switch Card
9770001892    333 Console Regulator Board
9770002000    FAC Control Panel Logic board
9770002216    333 Controller
9770002233    333 HS Switch
9816    Controller HP3060
98203A    Keyboard for B180L
98256A    Memory Card 256K
9876A    Thermal Printer
9906    Fan - cabinet
99344-5    PCI RocketPort 8 port serial card with cable
9BD131-021    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9
9CY131-020    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10
9G1224E102    120 mm Axial Fan 24VDC
9W2812-133    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7
A-003-40    SCSI CARD C240
A102JI5C0GF5TAA    Capacitor .001MF
A1658-62070    SCSI Terminator for B180L
A26509-40    40 POS header
A2874-66005    SCSI Card
A2982SLW-T    8 Channel Source Driver
A32936    10 POS connector
A32946    32 POS connector
A4070-26504    VGA Card
A4125-66512    C240 Motherboard
A4190-84017    B180L
A4330    Monitor
A4450-66501    Graphics Card
A4517A     RAM 128K B180L
A4552A    HP C240 Graphics Card
A4801-66009    VGA Graphics Card
A4974A    SCSI Adapter SE Ultra-Wide PCI
A4977A     Graphics Card Visualize Enhanced PCI
A4983A     Keyboard/Mouse Visualize USB
A4998A    Hard Drive 18 GB LVD 10K RPM
A6016A    RAM 1 GB DRAM Memory Module
A6031A    Hard Drive 32 GB for B2000
A900    3065 A900 CX Controller HP3065
A900 SCSI    3065 SCSI Upgrade for CX Controller
A913B    "Monitor 19"" LED"
A98474-ND    Connector Barrier Strip DL 4CIRC 0.325
ACCFIXLCKPOST    AccelerATE Fixture Lock Post
ACCTRITOB308-T005    Trimmer Adj Tool
ACOL-16-EK    clock oscillator
AD588BQ    Reference Op Amp
AD706    Precision Op Amp
AD713JR    AD713JR
AD7501KN    16Pini DIP 8-Channel Single Ended Multiplexer
AD7511    Analog 16 Pin DIP
AD7846KP    AD7846KPZ-ND
AD843KNZ    IC Op-amp
AD969KN    IC for TER Spectrum Prism Board
ADM1232ANZ    IC DS1232 ADM1232ANZ
ADPTOOLNPIN    Tooling Pin fro GR Adapter Plate
ADS7805U    Converter
ADV-40-10-A    40mmX10mm Pneumatic Cyl.
AFB1224HHE    BTST500
AIAP-01-2R2K-T    Inductor Fixed 2.2UH 2.6A 31 MOHM TH
AM26LS31CN    IC AML26LS31
AM26LS32ACN    IC AM26LS32
AMD-K7500MTR51B C    Processor CPU 500 MHz
AMD-K7700MTR51B    Processor CPU with Heatsink and Fan Slot A
AML21CBA3AA    Switch Cancel Pushbutton SPDT
AML21CBB3AB    Switch Interface Vacuum Pusbutton SPDT Square
AML21FBA3AB    Switch Power Control Rectangular
AML21FBE3BA    Switch Start Pushbutton SPST Rectangular
AML24EBA3BC04    Switch Vacuum Rocker
AML71SEB    Switch cover barrier
AS5-12G    Thermal Compound
AS6C62256A-70PIN    SRAM 256K LOW PWR 32K X 8 5V ASYNCH
ASF8014101    Fan 12VDC Brushless
AT28C17E-15JC    Atmel EEPROM
ATF22V10C-10PU     IC PAL22V10
ATF22V10C-15PU    IC PAL
ATF750C-10PU    Cpld
ATF750C-15PC    CPLD
ATF750LVC-15PU    Cpld
B0047WZOOO    Micro SD to SD Adapter
B022-002-KT-R    KVM Switchbox
B180L    Controller B180L
B2000    Controller B2000 UnixA5983A
B3E1    Solenoid Valve 24VDC
Ball Screw    Takaya Ball Screw
BAV99    Dual Diode Sot23
BC556    PNP Transistor
BD03695A27    Hard Drive 32GB
BK/PCC-3/4-R    Fuse Fast 0.75A 250v
BK/PCC-3-R    Fuse Fast 3A 250v
BNS250-11AG-3M    Sensor Switch for
BPS250    Magnet ASM
BRVTA-1151-772    MP6-2E-1A-1E-00
BRVTA-1152-768    MP6-1F-1L-1L-1Q-1Q-00
BS25610017017055    BGA Stencil
BTS00034    SVP Short PCB
BTS00035    BTS00035
BTS02DCFAN    Fan Muffin 24V DC 60x60x25
BTS04DCFAN    Fan Muffin 24V DC 120x120x38
BTS-1804920    Connector
BTS-180-4962     Phoenix Contact 8 Pin Plug System Power Supply
BTS-184-9998    Phoenix Contact DIN 1 Pin Receptacle ItemDetail
BTS6010785    Sensor cable Accelerate
BTSLead    Lead (PB)
BZT52C5V1-E3-08    Zener Diode
BZX84C5V1    ICA Zener
C110    Controller C110
C142    Seal Calibration PK (VOID)
C1503B    3065 DDS DAT Tape Drive
C1528    DAT Tape Drive DDS24/8 GB
C1533    DAT Tape Drive DDS24/8 GB
C1537    DAT Tape Drive DDS24/8 GB
C1539    DAT Tape Drive DDS2 4/8 GB
C1555D    DAT Tape Drive DDS3 12/24 SCSI SE
C1556A    DAT Tape Drive DDS-3 12/24 GB
C160    Controller C160
C200    Controller C200
C2012X7R1H224K125AA    Cap 0.22ufd 50v SMD
C240    Controller C240
C245-929    Printer cartridge
C245-935    Printer cartridge
C317C103K5R5TA7301    Capacitor Ceramic Leaded 50volts .01uF 10%
C320C104M5U5TA    CapacitorMulti Ceramic Leaded 50volts 0.1uF 20%
C3600    Controller C3600
C-4080E    Relay blk 6 pin
C410C101J1G5TA    Capacitor 100PF
C410C220J1G5TA    Capacitor 22 PF
C440C105M5U5TA    Capacitor .001MF
C440C474K1R5TA    Capacitor .47MF
C5653-67202    External Drive DAT 20
C5707A    Tape DDS-2 4GB
C6390A    External Drive 4GB FWD
C93401    Relay; DPDT; Monostable; 2A; 250VAC/220DC Cntct Rt
CA1962-36    LAN Cable
CALB    Calibration & PM HP/TER
CC15-3    HCC-15-3
CC367D-06    SCSI Exrernal Micro68M to Cen50 M
CCTR-1640-BRAVO-5520A    Pelican 1640 Case
CF1/2W101JRC    resistor 100 .5W 5%
CL-70    Thermistor I Limit Alliance
CMF55100K00BHEK    Resistor 100K .125W .1%
CMF55100K00FHEK    Resistor 100K 500W1%
CMF55100R00BEEB    Resistor 100 OHM 1/2W 0.1% AXIAL
CMF55100R00BHEK    Resistor 100 .125K 1%
CMF5510K000BHEB    Resistor 10k .125w.1%
CMF551K0000BHEB    Resistor 1K .125W .1%
CMF5520K000BHEB    Resistor 20K .125W.1%
CMF5520K000FHEB    Resistor 20K.125W.1%
CMF552K0000BHEB    Resistor 2K .125W 1%
CMF55499R00FHEK    499K .125W 1%
CMF556K4200BER6    Resistor Through Hole 1/4watt 6.42Kohms 0.1%
CMF5590K000BEBF    Resistor Through Hole 1/4watt 90Kohms .1%
Console    FAC 333 Operator Console
CPF1100R00FKEE6    Resistor Through Hole 1watt 100ohms 1%
CR2032    Battery Lithium 3 volt
CRCW12068K06FKTA    resistor smd 8.06Kohm
CRS1206-FX-4701ELF    CRS1206-FX-4701ELF
CT353147    Mem 1 GB DDR PC2700 Non Ecc 333MHZ CLK2.5
CT405276    Mem 1GB DDR PC3200 Non ECC
CY37512VP256-66BGC    BGA
CY37512VP256-66BGC-R    Lg BGA Repair
CY74FCT16244    IC for Spectrum
CY74FCT16244ATPVC    Buffer Line Driver 16 Bit with 3-state outputs
CY74FCT16245CTPVC    Bus Transceivers 16 Bit w/3-state outputs
CY74FCT16646CTPVC    Bus Transceivers 16 Bit w/3state output
CYUSBISRPC    USB Programming Cable
D1A2U    HP S2 switch top assembly
D1K3202    Solenoid 24VDC for GR (Dynamco)
D2E133-C133-56    Blower Fan Series III
D50SH-12C    Fan D50SH-12C
D530    PC for GR (or compatible)
D530 (DC577AV)    PC for GR (or compatible)
DAC8412FPC    Digital to Analog Converter
DB25S064HTLF    DB25F Socket Solder Bucket
DC179B    PCI Extender Card
DC60S5    "Relay, Solid State"
DC7100CMT    GR PC DC7100CMT
DC7700C    GR PC DC7700C
DC7800C9    GR PC for TS-299 DC7800C9
DC7900    IPC Controller for AGL ICT
DDRS-39130    Hard Drive 9.1 G
DEBUGPANEL    3070 Debug Panel Jack
DG211CJ    IC Switch Quad
DG409DJ-16pin    Analog mux switch
DG409DYZ-ND    16 pin cmos sw
DH01    HP S2 switch bottom assembly
DHM    PC for GR Pentium 3
DISC-C    Corporate Discount
DISC-P    Partners Plan Discount
DISC-S    Multi-system Discount
DLP 50-150-3000a    Electronic Load
DM74LS273N    "IC, Flip Flop , Octal, D type, LS-TTL, DIP 20 PIN"
DMB-DDAA-1BA    solenoid for 3070 vacuum
DP-650    Display Meter for 0-55V P/S
DPU 5300    Printer Seiko 40 column Strip (GR)
DTS0100-1655    Air Pressure End Connector
DTS100-SDN250W    Socket 100-25
DTS125-PRG2509S    Probe 125-25
DTS125-SDN250W    Socket 125-25
DTS200-00    CPU Trolley Board
DTS220-00    Snubber Board41C666220G1
DTS230-00    Backplane Board
DTS3VCB    3V PS Controller Board
DTS3VFR    Frame for DTS 3V PSO
DTS3VPSO    3V P/S Option Assembly
DTS63600    Pull Down Tower (Metal Case)
DTS63700    Pull Down Tower (Alum Case)
DTSPC3.5Floppy    Floppy Drive 3.5 for PC
DTSPCCDRW    CD R/W Drive Internal Optical
DTSPCCPUFan    CPU Fan Heatsink
DTSPCFD    floppy drive for PC
DTSPCHardDrive    Hard Drive 20GB for PC
DTSPCMC    Memory Card
DTSPCMother    Mother Board
DTSPCProcessor    PC 700MHz Processor
DTSPCPS    Power Supply for PC Case
DTSPCVC    Graphics Card
DTSPSHD    Hard drive for PC
E1026-66526    SD Analog
E1038-63515    Control Standard Card
E1046-63525    SD6
E1046-66522    SD6
E1046-69522    SD6 Exc
E1061-66501    Access Plus
E1061-69501    Access Plus Exc
E1063-61637    Access Plus Cable to Support Bay
E1085    VXI Chassis Mainframe C-size
E1085-66502    Serial Test
E1099A    PDU Series I
E1114    Kay Valve End Cap
E1121-66526    SD Analog
E1131A    PDU E1131A
E1135A    PDU E1135A
E1135B    PDU E1135B
E1135C    PDU E1135C
E1170-61604    Cable (Control to System Card)
E1170-61607    Cable DUT ASRU B - short
E1412A    DMM 6.5 Digit High Accuracy
E1458A    Digital I/O96 Channel
E1472A    RF Mux
E180HV    LCD Monitor
E2073-66501    HPIB Card
E2195-63520    DSL MUX Card
E2243Fwk    "LCD Monitor 22"""
E3770-67900    Vacuum Valve/Solenoid & Fitting Series III
E3771A    PVF 327X Small
E3849-66501     Signal Multiplexer
E3995A    Test Credit Button 50K
E4000-04116    Mouse Tray
E4000-60106    Suppport Arm Assembly
E4000-61602    Cable DUT to ASRU C long
E4000-61627    Cable CXT/P to CXT/PHigh Speed Link (Ribbon)
E4000-61628    Cable System to CXT
E4000-61629    Cable CXT to CXT SMB to SMB
E4000-61640    Cable CXT to CXT SMB to SMB
E4000-61641    Cable Lan to Control Card
E4000-62102    Connector Adaptor for HP3070 Foot Switch
E4000-63551    Unknown
E4000-66201    MPUSeries II-III
E4000-66202    MPUSeries II-III
E4000-66203    MPU Series II-III
E4000-66213    MPU Series II-III
E4000-66252    Serial Test Telecom P/S 5V 50 A
E4000-66512    Control XT
E4000-66540    DD6
E4000-66540D    DD6 Development Board
E4000-66542    DD Analog
E4000-66544    DD12
E4000-66545    DD20
E4000-66546    DD PPU
E4000-66550    DD Programmable
E4000-66550D    DD Prog Development Board
E4000-66551    DD Analog
E4000-66553     DD Program S5
E4000-69202    MPU Series II-III
E4000-69203    MPU Series II-III Exc
E4000-69252    Serial Test Telecom P/S 5V 50 A Exc
E4000-69512    Control XT
E4000-69540    DD6 Exc
E4000-69544    DD12 Exc
E4000-69545    DD20
E4000-69546    DD PPU Exc
E4000-69550    DD Programmable Exc
E4000-69552    HDD2 Prog
E4000-69602    MPU Series II-III
E4000A/B    DD6
E4033A    PVF Series II Exc
E4033B    PVF Series II
E4045-66526    HYBRID SD PPU
E4045-66527    SD PPU
E70-255    GR Standard Ziff O-Ring
E93839    Motherboard
E9900-44304    Shroud (Safety)
E9900-44600    "Filter, Blower Fan"
E9900-60109    HP 3070 S3 Arm Assembly - Monitor & Keyboard Tray
E9900-63200    Vacuum Manifold 4 Module S3
E9900-63602     System Card Clamshell Frame Assembly
E9900-66502    DD Hybrid32
E9900-66504    Control XTP
E9900-66506    Unknown
E9900-67900    Blower Fan Retrofit Series III
E9900-69502    DD Hybrid32 Exc
E9900-69504    Control XTP Exc
E9952A    Test Credit Button 50K
E9990-39200    Fan & Door Series III(door and blower assembly)
E9997-44304    Shroud (Safety)
E9998-63200    Vacuum Manifold 2 Module S3
EA2-12NJ    Relay 12v DPDT
EA2-5NJ    Relay 5v DPDT
Ebay    Fuse axial 1A PICO
EC2-24NJ    Relay 24 VDC Relay
EC2-5NJ    "Relay NEC DPDT, 5VDC 2A"
ECS-100AX    crystal clock oscillator
EEC0382B2-0000-A99    Fan Brushless
EEU-FR0J152L    capacitor 1500uf 6.3v
EEU-FR0J332L    Capacitor 3300uf 6.3v
EF70-275    GR Large Ziff O-rin
EN104    Hub NetGear
EN108    Hub NetGear  
EN80C196KC20    PLCC68 8bit/16bit Microcontroller
EPM7128STC100-15    EPM7128STC100-15
ER6V    Battery PLC Accelerate
ERJ-6ENF2741V    resistor 2.74k 1%
ERJ-8ENF6811V    resistor smd 6.81Kohm
ERJ-8ENF9310V    resistor smd 931 ohm
ERZ-V10D241    Varistor Alliance PS
ET53401    DD Hybrid Prototype board
ETDS2HP001    "20"" LCD Monitor"
ETM10-AD    Generic white box
EX430    Multimeter
F00-01-B00    "Compressed Air Filter Asm 1/8"" NPT 228x"
F08-01-SK00    "Compressed Air Filter Asm 1/8 "" NPT F08-01-SK00"
F1220CT-ND    500ma UltraCst Fuse
F504-01AH    Filter for 8x systems
F-5100-100-FM-B86-15A    Pressure Switch Flush Mount L30
FC-20P    IDC Cable Conn 20 Pin Fem Header 2.54 mm Pitch
FG22212     Angled Vacuum port
FIS-0610-0004    Bar Code Accel.
FLKM C64M-DB37F-ASM    IOP Interface Adapter Assembly
FLKM C64M-DB37F-PCB    IOP PC Interface Adapter PCB Rev 6
FOXLF160-20    Crystal 16MHz 20PF
G3NE-210T-US-DC24    "Relay, Solid State 100-240VAC "
G4W-2214-US-HP-DC12    Relay DPST NO 12vdc
GAL20RA10B-15LP    IC gal Lattice DIP 24 pin High Speed
GAL20V8B-15LP    "IC, gal lattice PLD 8 Macro 5.0V 15NS 24 Pin"
GE7000A    Okidata Serial Printer
GEN 20-76    P/S DC 1U Prog.
GPH70-SC41-24    PLC Controller
GR    "PC, Keyboard, Mouse"
GR PM-LAM    GR Pilot Lam Card Replacement and PM
GR4000    Frame GR 4000
GS71116U-12    Ultra memory
GSIGS71116U-12    Sm BGA Repair
GX1    GR PC Dell Optiplex GX1
GX110    Dell Optiplex GX110
GX200    GR PC
GX260    GR PC
H004612    Dayton Phoenix Gasket Material
H004902    Dayton Phoenix Fixture Gasket
H11A3    IC H11AU1-3
H3153-01    PCB BOARD SOCKET .5mm
H320P    GR Test StationSys PS AC male Connector
HB2E-DC5V    Relays for TER Prog PS Controller
HBL2811    AC Plug
HC2-H-DC24V    Relay 24V for E Power Controller
HE721C0510    Relay Reed 5VDC 200oOhm 0.25A SPDT THT Dry
HOUK5008A    Comtrol Hostess 8 Port
HOXX5004A    Hostess 550
HP DC 7100    HP DC 7100
HP44990    Board Handler
HPD68F    SCSI cable HPDB 68 pin F to F
HPF5B23A883B0S492    MPU Series II-III
HSTTA100-48-L    Heat Shrink Tubing 1 in
HW-USB-II-G    Platform cable
HYGRO    Hygrometer
IC 20V8-15 DIP 24    IC 20V8-15 DIP 24
IC EPROM 27V256-10 5V    IC EPROM 27V256-10 5V
ICT Support    ICT Support
IELHK11111-26933-2-V    Circuit breaker
IHB120-0.2    ATB II HV 120V P/S
INA105BM    INA105BM
INHX0420A    Comtrol 4-Port
INHX0820A    Comtrol 8-Port
INSP    Pre-Inspection
IOPSTM    IOP PC Station Manager Software
iP1800    Printer iP1800
IPTE-MFT-19    GR TS124 Receiver
IRF530NPBF    MOSFET Power N channel
IRF6620TRIPBFCT-ND    N-Chan Mosfet
IS61LV6416-10BLI    SRAM Ultra1 BGA
ISSI61LV6416-12    Sm BGA Repair
J3128A    HUB HP
JBC C560-003    Desoldering Tiip #3
JGS516    Hub Netgear 16 port
JP-02G325-12541    Hard Drive 18 GB
JQE 0-55    P/S 0-55V @2A
JWD-172-159    Relay Reed 5/6VDC 200Ohm 0.5A SPDT
K-56003    Mac Valve Rebuild Kit
K7500MTR51B    Processor CPU without cooling fans
K7550MTR51B    Processor CPU with cooling fans
KAN_2_10    "Vacuum Hose 2 "" Diameter 10' Long"
KN09J011    Hard Drive 9.1 GB
KPX-17    Keypad 2276
KT800PS2B45-2C    PS 2 Keyboard
KTR18EZPF1000    resistor smd 100 ohm
KU36L0    Hard Drive 36 GB
KW36L00    Hard Drive 36 GB B180L 10K RPM
L292    Motor Controller chip
LC049E09M    Spring .360 OD .375hole
LC067J10M    Spring .720OD .75hole
LCS-883C-TB    Converter Ethernet
LCZ1062    Chroma High Acc LCR Meter
LF412CN    opamp
LH849072-151    P/S HP3070-1 5V 10A
LH849078-154    P/S HP3070-1 24V 2A
LM239N    "Amplifier, Voltage Comparitor LM139"
LM324N    Operational Amp
LM723CN    IC Adj Linear Reg
LM723J/883    CDIP-14
LMS-6008    P/S for 3V Prog p/s Option
LOS-R-12    P/S 12 V
LOS-W-5    5.2V PS10
LOS-W-6    SYS PS 6V@100A
LS05-10NSW    LS05-10E or NSW
LS2208-SR20001    Barcode Scanner
LS4000i    Bar Code Scanner HP3070
LT1039IN    IC Triple RS232 Driver/Receiver
LT1710S    Monitor 17 in
LX300    Printer LX300
LXA565W    Monitor
M119D    Printer Receipt M119D
M27C256B-90B6    IC 27C256B-90
M390104/05-2121    Capacitor .47uf 10%
M7504    Deqna Board
M7516    11/73 Expander DELQA
M8186    LSI 11/23 CPU
M8192    11/73 CPU
MC10125P    Converter
MC10H125FN    ECL to TTL Translator
MC10H125FNR2G    ECL-TTL Translator
MC7815CT    "IC Voltage Regulator, +15V, Bi-Polar, 3 Pin, Plast"
MC7915CT    "IC Voltage Regulator, -15V, Bi-Polar, 3 Pin, Plast"
MCMLA50V104KX7R    Capacitor 0.1mf
MDC37H & 1015-37SC-R    "Hood, Metal Coated Plastic 37 P"
ME80251V1-000U-F99    Fan 12V for Ter RAX5/60K
MECP500    Pressure pump
MF1/4DC1202F    Resistor Through Hole 12K 1%
MFR-25FBF52-100R    Resistor Through Hole 100 OHM 1/4W 1%
MFR-25FBF52-200R    Resistor 200 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL
MFR-25FBF52-402R    Resistor 402 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL
MFR-25FBF52-806R    Resistor806 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL
MFR-25FTE52-4M75    Resistor Through Hole 4.75M OHM 1/4W 1%
MFT    MFT Handler
MKB12-11R Milled    "AccelerATE Pneumatic Rotary Stop Clockwise, Milled"
MM104    PLC
MM1144AV    Vacuum Pump 53 CFM
MMA52-E1562    3065 System Power Supply
MMA65-E3688    MPUSeries I
MOC3011-M    Optocoupler Triac
MOD9000P    Ithaca 9000S serial 9 pin
Monitor Dell 17     Dell Monitor 17 inch
MP6-2F-2L-1Q    PS MP6
MP6-2N-3O    PS4 2287LX
MP-C-080    Vacuum Solenoid 120V - Breather
MPF920E    Floppy Drive
MPQ2222    "Transistor Bipolar Junction, Array, Independent, D"
MPT-950    Tower (Eisa)
MS-6167    Motherboard AMD Slot A
MT8LSDT1664HG-662E2    DSM2 Memory Module
MTX-12E    Motor Driver Accel
MU2A1    Fan - muffin
MXI-2    Spectrum MXI-2 Cable
N0L222-P3    Vacuum Solenoid 120V
N1132    Controller IPC - HP N1132
N1140-66500    Hybrid Un-multiplexed Pin Card
N1140-80003    MPU Series 5
N1807-66500    ASRU N
N1C202408    Vacuum Box Enclosure
"N74F273AN,602"    Flip Flop Octal D Type F/F
NT38-033    Monochromatic Light
NVA-P588-00B    Quadro Video Card
OPA4132UA    OPA4132UA
OPA445BM    OPA445BM
OPA541BM    OPA541BM
OPA606LM    OPA606LM
OSSV    Onsite Service
P002-002    IEC-320-C14 Plug/NEME 5-15 Receptacle
P004-004    IEC-320-C14 / IEC-320-C13
P1 TER    PC Controller
P10R103K5-F    Capacitor .01MF
P15E-15    15VDC Fixed PS
P15E-24    24VDC PS
P2 TER    PC Controller
P2 TER Complete    "PC Controller, Keyboard, Mouse"
P28F001BX-T120    "IC, 1Mb Flash 120ns 32 pin dip"
P2R104K5-F    Capacitor .1MF
P3 TER    PC Controller
P3 TER Complete    "PC Controller, Keyboard, Mouse"
P30E-5    5v Fixed PS
P82510    DIP-28
PA341CE    PA341CE
PA41    Power Amp
PA5034/13    Philips Handler
PAL20L8-10JC    PLCC28
PB1061CT    Axicom DPDT Relay
PC3200    Memory NON-ECC 184-PIN DIMM 2 GB Kit (2 x 1GB)
PC4-ST-7-62-1804962    4 pos Power Receptacle
PCC-2-1-2-R    "Fuse, 2.5A, 250V"
PIC16F877A-I/P    PIC microcontroller
PL20    FAC Printer - Telpar/FAC 333
PLA0300050/AA    Housing Positronics
PLA03F0000/AA    Connector 3 pos Female
PLA08M94STDA1    Connector
PMPC-2.0uF 250V    Pricision Audio Capacitor
PMV    Preventative Maintenance Visit
PPTC031LFBN-RC    "Connector Header 3 Position 0.100"" (2.54mm) Tin Th"
PR01000101001JR500    Resistor Through Hole 1watt 1Kohms 5%
PR02000201009JR500    Resistor; Metal Film; Res 10 Ohms; Axial
PR02000202009JR500    Resistor 20 OHM 2W 5% AXIAL
PREX-TESP    "Parts R/EX, Phone/Email Support"
Print Switchbox    Printer Switchbox
PS 1    PS 1
PS 2    PS 2
PS14030    Power Supply
PS14040    Power Supply
PS14050    Power Supply (12V)
PS14060    Power Supply
PS14080    Power Supply
PS22010    Power Supply (6V)
PXT1000    WCABHDMI001
Q55    Monitor VGA
QC-3548    Econ Void if Removed Label
R08    "UUT Vacuum Valve, 8x e Series"
R459001    "Fuse,1A/125V PICO "
R459005    Fuse 5A125V
RA0063    Vacuum Pump Refurbished - Busch
RAX5-20K    DUT P/S 5V @ 20A
RAX5-60K    DUT P/S 5V @ 60A
RC0063    Vacuum Pump 41 CFM
RE25610017017046    BGA Module
REF102BP    IC Chip AD587L
RG1608P-2431-D-T5    smd resistor 2.43kohm
RGF1D-E3    General Purpose diode
RKW 5-20K    DUT 5V P/S for Z1800 DUT Tray (Replacement)
RKW-12-27K    12V P/S for Z18XX
RKW15-22K    PS 15 V (3V Option)
RMK 09-S    DUT 8V P/S for Z1800
RMV    Remedial Maintenance Visit
RMX-05-A    DUT 5V P/S for Z1800 DUT Tray
RMX-05-B    DUT 5V P/S for Z1800 DUT Tray
RMX-24-A    DUT 24V P/S for Z1800 DUT Tray
RN55C1001FRE6    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 1Kohms 1%
RN55C1002BB14    Resistor 10K0.125 W; Tol 0.1%; Axial
RN55C1003BRE6    Resistor 100K .125W.1%
RN55C10R0BB14    Resistor 10Ohm .25W .1%
RN55C1202BRE6    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 12Kohms .1%
RN55C1210BB14    Resistor 121 .125W 1%
RN55C1212BRE6    Resistor 12.1K .125W .1%
RN55C1272BB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 12.7Kohms .1%
RN55C1502BB14    Resistor 15K .125W .1%
RN55C1601BB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 1.6Kohms .1%
RN55C1822BB14    Resistor 18.2K .125W 1%
RN55C2212BB14    Resistor 22.1K .125W.1%
RN55C221BB14    Resistor 22.1K .125W 1%
RN55C2740BB14    Resistor 274 .125W .1%
RN55C2741BB14    Resistor 2.74K .125W 1%
RN55C3201BB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 3.2Kohms .1%
RN55C3321BRE6    Resistor 3.32K .125W 1%
RN55C3322BB14    Resistor 33.2K .125W 1%
RN55C4750FB14    Resistor 475 .125W 1%
RN55C4751FB14    Resistor 4.75K .125 .1%
RN55C4990BRE6    Resistor 499 .125W 1%
RN55C4991BB14    Resistor 4.99K .125W 1%
RN55C4993BRE6    Resistor 499 .1W .1%
RN55C5112BRE6    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 51.1Kohms .1%
RN55C8250BB14    Resistor 825 .125W .1%
RN55D1000FB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/8watt 100ohms 1%
RN55D1004FB14    Resistor 1M 0.125 W; Tol 1%; Axial
RN55D47R5FB14    Resistor; 47.5 Ohms; 0.125Tol 1%; Axial
RN55D5620FB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/8watt 562ohms 1%
RN55E1201BB14    Resistor 1.2K .125W .1%
RN55E1502BB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 15Kohms .1%
RN55E2552BB14    Resistor Through Hole 1/10watt 25.5Kohms .1%
RN60C1002BB14    Resistor 10K.25W .1%
RN60C2003BB14    Resistor 200K .25W .1%
RN60C4991BB14    Resistor 4.99K .25W .1%
RN60C4993BB14    Resistor 499K .25W .1%
RN60D1503FB14    Resistor .25W.1%
RN60E1503B    Resistor .25W.1%
RNCP0805FTD22R1CT    22.1 0.1% resistor
RNCS0805BKE150KCT    150K 0.1% resistor
RNCS0805BKE150RCT    150 0.1% resistor
RNCS0805BKE221RCT    221 0.1% resistor
RNCS0805BKE49K9CT    49.9K 0.1% resistor
RNF14FTD1M00    Resistor 1M OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL
RNF14FTD475R    Resistor 475 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL
RNF18FTD1K00    Resistor 1K OHM 1/8W 1% AXIAL
RP5700    Controller IPC - HP RP5700
RR0816P-4751D66H    smd resistor 4.75kohm
RS02B10R00BB12    "Resistor, 10 Ohm, 3W, .1%"
RS02B3K000FE12    Resistor 3K 3W 1%
RS-232/422    RocketPort Octi-Box & Cable (8 port expansion)
RS6N50    PS PEX
RTW 5-20K    DUT 5V P/S
RZ26L-E    1Gb SCSI HD
S-100-HP-3.5-G    Pogo Pin
S-18991    "QTip 6"" Applicator(Qty 1000)"
S1922A    "Monitor 18.5"""
S202HL    "20"" LCD Monitor"
S-2245    Static Warning Labels(Qty 500)
S-312    "Bubble Wrap Roll 24""x250',1/2'"
S365P    "Bubble Wrap 12""x375'x5/16"""
SA105C103KAA    Capacitor 0.01MF
SA105C333KAR    Capacitor .033MF
SA115E334MAR    Capacitator .33MF
SA123     Connector for a MMS104
SA305E105MAR    Capacitor 1MF
SA32617057-01    Motor Accelerate
SCREWNUTM    standoff 6/32-M3
SDM4700P    Keyboard PS2
SFD-321B/KF    "Floppy Drive 3-1/2"""
SG73P2ETTD10R0F    10 Ohm Resistor
SGR-2-B-3.7-G    Probe for ZIF
SL-RMKB-Track-1    Rackmount Keyboard
SM102F-5000M-ND    SM102035007F
SM104FE-1000M-ND    SM104031007FE
SM104FE-100M-ND    SM104031006FE
SM104FE-10M-ND    SM104031005FE
SM155-4    resistor 4 terminal for ICA
SN54ALS573    IC 54ALS573
SN54LS123J    IC Monostable Multivibrator Dual 16-Pin CDIP Tube
SN54LS138J    IC Decoder/Demultiplexer Single 3-to-8 16-Pin CDIP
SN54LS245J    IC Bus XCVR Single 8-CH 3-ST 20-Pin CDIP Tube
SN7445N    BCD-Decimal Decoder/Driver
SN74AC14N    IC 74AC14
SN74ACT00N    IC 74ACT00
SN74ACT04N    IC 74ACT04
SN74ACT32N    IC 74ACT32
SN74ACT74N    IC 74ACT74
SN74ALS573CN    IC Octal D-latch 3 state
SN74F240N    Buffer Driver
SN74F244DWR    Buffer Line Driver Tri-State Octal
SN74F245DWG4    Bus Transceivers Octal
SN74HC08N    "IC Logic Circ, Quad 2-Input AND, HC-CMOS, 14 Pin"
SN74HC273N    Flip Flops Octal PDIP-20 CMOS 160 ns
SN74HCT541N    IC Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Invert CMOS DIP-20
SN74LS08N    IC Chip
SN74LS123N    IC Mono Multivibrator
SP200    Printer Star SP200
SP300    Printer Star SP300
SP312FC    Star Parallel Printer
SP5K    SuperPro 5000
SP7003    DC-DC Converter for 9004-0341-00
SP712MC    Printer Star SP712MC
SQP10AJB-3R3    Resistor 3.3 OHM 10W 5% AXIAL
SQP10AJB-560R    Resistor 560 OHM 10W 5% AXIAL
SR205E224MAR    Capacitor Ceramic; Radial .22u
ST-1610    SCSI Terminal Server 16 Port
ST-1800    SCSI Terminal Server & Power Cord 8 Port
ST1EDC5V    Relay SD1
ST2EDC5V    Relay SD2
ST3250310A5    Seagate HD 250 gb
ST340014A    Hard Drive 40GB IDE
ST373207LC    Hard Drive 73 GB
ST373307LW    Hard Drive 73 GB
ST388020A    HDD 80 GB IDE
ST39175LW    Hard Drive 9.1G
STBX1000101    Seagate 1TB External HDD
STD1183    Dayton Phoenix Fixture Vacuum port
STS1032    SCSI Terminal Server 32 port
SVCG    Onsite Service (4 Hr Minimum)
SVCG-IH    Software Load w/Cust. License
SVCN-Basic    HW Support Contract        SN
SVCN-Basic+    HW Support Contract        SN  
SVCN-PartnrPlan    HW Support Contract        SN
SVCN-Pro    HW Support Contract        SN
SVFSH_ENC1    SVF Short enclosure
SVP Fixture    SVF Fixture Beige
SVP Fixture     SVF Fixture Blue
SVPM-L    System Verification Procedure & PM
SVPM-S    System Verification Procedure & PM
SVPM-X    System Verification Procedure & PM
SWL300A-FFF    GPIB Switchbox
SX7235-6-OVP    333 Power Supply
T101MH9AVBE    SPDT Toggle Switch
T1022-P5P-ND    SVP Fixture PS
T988-P5P-ND    5V @2.6A pwr supply for SVP box
TAP105K025SCS    Capacitor TANT 1UF 25V 10% RADIAL
TAP475K025SCS    Capacitor Solid Leaded 25volts 4.7uF 10%
TB718    Terminal Block 18 pin
TE-910    HUB Trendnet
TECK25-9    TECK25-9
TECT10-4    TECT10-4
TER    "PC, Keyboard, Mouse"
TERHSFAN    Fan/Heatsink assembly
TL082CN    IC TL082
TL082CP    ICñ18V 8-Pin PDIP
TL084ACD    ST op amp
TM-U220A    Printer Epson Receipt Serial  
TM-U220D    Printer Epson Receipt Serial
TN80C196KC20    PLCC-68
TOPMAXII    Universal Device Programmer for PC USB
TRAIN    Training Per Day
TRV EXP    Per Diem Expenses
TRV LAB    Travel Labor
TY36L0    Hard Drive 36 GB
TY8L013    Hard Drive 18 GB
TYC5745079-4    IOP PC Connector D-Sub
U-2281-M    GR Test Fixture Medium
U291    JFET Switch
UB5C-3R3F1    Resistor 3.3 OHM 5W 1% AXIAL
UC or SG 1543J    CDIP
UCY2G121MHD    Cap 120ufd 400v
UFM1C04    PS 5V Module
UFM1F-04    PS 24V Module
UFM2G-04    PS 48V Module
UFM2HX04    PS 36V Module
UFM7EE02    PS 15V/15V Module
ULN-2804A    IC Chips for IPO 90 card
UMK-BE11.25    PCB Plug-in Module
UMK-BE22.5    PCB Plug-in Module
UPS1000    UPS Battery Backup 1000
UPS1400    UPS Battery Back
UVR0J102MPD    Capacitor 1000uf 6.3v
V02223    Optocoupler phototriac
V11360 rev02207    "Gasket-1"" milled grill OD"
V193W    Monitor Acer V193W
V26399    Vac Hose 6ft 1.25 ID
V26400    Vac Hose 46in 1.25 ID
V26779    Vac Hose 22 ft 1.25 ID
V700    Monitor
VB3073-II     Vacuum Box 4 Module
VB3073-III    Vacuum Box 4
VB3173-II    Vacuum Box 2
VDE-0660 IEC 947    Factory/service switch
VI-26W-CU    Power Brick 380-5 Volt
VI-812058B    "Regulator,  (Alliance Power Supply)"
VS-1    VS-1
VS-121-10    Software Victory Boundary Scan
VS1-B4-B3-00    Astec P/S
VS1-B8-B3-00    Astec P/S
VS1-D2-00    Astec P/S
VS1-G255-G255    Astec P/S Assembly
VS3    VS3 Carrier Only
VS3-B2-A8-B8-00 (-626CE)    "PS 5v@120A,6v@50A,18v@33A"
VSR10R000    Resistor
VV590A    Vacuum Valve
VX2242    Vacuum Solenoid 120V - Breather
VX2242-02N-5G    Vacuum Solenoid 24V - Breather
VX2242D    Ter Vac Solenoid 120v
VX-5-1A2    Pin Plunger Switch
VXZ2242D    Vacuum Solenoid 120V - Breather
VXZ2360-10N-5G    Vacuum Solenoid 24V - Large
W987A    2272
WCAB327    Monitor HD15M/HD15F 10ft VGA Extension
WD1600AAJS-00l&A0    HDD 160GB SATA
WD800JD-08LSA0    Western Digital WD800
WD800JD-75JNN0    Western Digital WD800
WD800JD-75JNNA0    Western Digital WD800
WIA-2007-9    Alliance ps wire
WM2000-ND    Connector Housing
WM2312-ND    Terminal Female
WM8277-ND    Connector Header 10Pos0.100
WP710A10GD5V    LED for 8x Keypad
WPB4-3P2161    Sensor Accelerate
WS2107FL-1000    Fan
WT4-2P330    Scanner Accel.
XC18L011    Hard Drive 18 GB
XC3S10004FG456C    FPGA UltraII
XC9L011    Hard Drive 9.1 GB
XG4A-4034    Connector Plug XG4A-4034
XS6235-12    FAC ps14100 12v
XS6236-6    FAC ps14070 +20v
XS6237-12    FAC ps14140 5v
XS6237-4    FAC ps14060 +3vsp
XS6238-4-OVP    FAC Power Supply
XS6239-30    FAC ps14050 12v
XS6240-60-OVP    FAC Power Supply
XS6241-5-OVP    FAC Power Supply
XS6242-60-OVP    FAC Power Supply 14040 5V
XS6246-17-ovp    FAC ps11070 1.5/60v-3/15a
XS6363-25    FAC PS 6 Volt
XT1140    Hard Drive - Maxtor
XW4400    Controller IPC - HP XW4400
XW4600    Controller IPC - HP XW4600
YL-3215    Nema 5-15R to IEC 60320-C14
YR1B2K0CC    Resistor Through Hole 2KOhm 1/4W
Z1800    Frame Z1800
Z1820    Frame Z1820
Z1820 Door    Door Z1820
Z1840    Frame Z1840
Z1860    Frame Z1860
Z1880-1    Frame Z1880-1
Z1880-2    Frame Z1880-2
Z1884    Frame Z1884
Z1888-1    Frame Z1888-1
Z1888-2    Frame Z1888-2
Z1890    Frame Z1890
ZNR10K241U    Varistor